Our Story

The greatest companies are born out of a need to do something better. The Usewalter story is no different. Our story begins with two friends looking to create the ultimate property management tool.

The Beginning

After completing his degree in Software Engineering, Thierry Skoda put his talent and skills to work by joining the prestigious program Y Combinator, a top ranked accelerator globally, funding companies such as Airbnb, Stripe, Cruise, Dropbox, Reddit, and Twitch. Thierry’s talents did not go unnoticed. He was soon approached by a prestigious real estate development company to help develop a product that would bridge the communication gap between property managers and residents.

Walter Innovations was born…

Thierry would spend his nights developing the Walter application, while freelancing during the day. After months of development he realized that he was onto something special and Walter became his full time job.

Once development was complete, Thierry was tasked with bringing Walter to the people. There was only one man for the job, long time friend, Eric McCutcheon. Eric, Headed OpenTable (Canada) for 7 years and later Bookenda, growing it to become Canadian market leader; acquired by Yellow Pages Group.

In October 2018 Eric sold Walter Innovations to his first building. From there the sales did not stop. This small Canadian company, run by two friends was gaining momentum and creating quite the buzz in the PropTech industry.

In May 2019, Walter Innovations caught the eye of the top Canadian business minds on Dragons Den. Eric and Thierry finished their pitch with a standing ovation and 3 offers.

In July 2020, Walter Innovations was acquired by GOLO Mobile Inc., who in October 2020 GOLO Mobile rebranded to Usewalter.

Usewalter Today

Usewalter is a Montreal-based company providing a smart building technology SaaS-solution for property managers and residents in high-density urban environments, delivered through a mobile app and online platform.  Designed as ‘the essential app for modern day living’, Usewalter enables efficient and cost-effective management of a building across the key areas of communication, Internet of Things (“IoT”) management and commerce and delivery within multi-residential and commercial properties.

Usewalter is positioned to leverage its first-mover advantage to access new markets, secure additional partners and further build revenue momentum. Usewalter is publicly traded on the TSXV.

Usewalter Leadership


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